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On Saturday, February 6 from 7AM to 7PM, boarding changes and schedule adjustments will occur on NJ TRANSIT’s Hudson Bergen Light Rail between Liberty State Park and Danforth Avenue stations. The melodies were composed by Snorre Valen,[40] while the voice was recorded by Heidi Lambach. Rome2rio makes travelling from Bergen Light Rail to Bergen Airport (BGO) easy. This would allow the light rail line to replace the two-station Bergen Commuter Rail service, and give better access to the city center for people from Arna. Detroit | In operation from 1897 to 1965. Thanks The suggestion was discussed by the city council in 1973, but no decision was taken. Building the light rail line to Flesland supplements the airport shuttles and offer cheaper service for locals and employees at the airport. Construction began in January 2011,[30] on its own right-of-way parallel to the existing road;,[12] the track was completed in October 2012. Alle 45 Fotos, die von 562 Besuchern bei Hudson-Bergen Light Rail aufgenommen wurden, anzeigen. Prior to the shortening of the main Bergen Line railway with the Ulriken Tunnel, the Bergen–Nesttun Line was an important commuter rail service, feeding suburban residents from Fana into the city center. [21] On 3 April 2009, the public transport agency Skyss announced that Fjord1 Partner, a joint venture between Fjord1 AS and Keolis, had won the tender competition. At the same time, a new electronic ticketing system was introduced. Minneapolis | I … A draft for names were made by the municipal administration and then sent to the borough councils in Fana, Årstad and Bergenhus. A rapid transit design was first discarded, and in the 1990s a light rail line was proposed. Proposals to build bus lanes and traffic signal preemption was disregarded by the Public Roads Administration. Cleveland | Buffalo | The line can use parts of the Norwegian National Rail Administration's right of way from the city center to Kronstad, and would feature a station under the hospital, which is Western Norway's largest work place. Light rail system in Bergen, Norway. Another incentive to build to Flesland was that there was sufficient available land which allows a large depot to be constructed. [33], Capacity is for 212 passengers, of which 84 can sit four abreast. There is sufficient area for further expansion, but tracks have not been laid. Trenton/Camden | Find the travel options that best suit you. They have five articulated sections, and are expandable with another two modules to a length of 42 meters (138 ft), should higher capacity be necessary. From the southern portal the line changes to conventional railway track with ballast, allowing trams to operate at 80 km/h (50 mph). There are four slide and plug doors on each side; three are double, with a total width of 1,300-millimeter (4 ft 3 in), while the last is a single 800-millimeter (2 ft 7 in) door. [34] Several politicians, including the majority in Hordaland County Council, have stated that in the long run they want the light rail line extended northwards to Knarvik and westwards to Straume and Kleppestø. [39] The trams are 32.180 m (105.58 ft) long and 2.65 meters (8 ft 8 in) wide, weighing 35.7 tonnes (35.1 long tons; 39.4 short tons). Travel time from Byparken to Lagunen is 32 minutes. [28] On 22 June, the first part of the line was officially opened by Queen Sonja of Norway. Bergen (Norway) Light Rail Norway’s second city is quite a bit smaller than Oslo, and so is its local rail system — in fact it’s just a single light rail line (the capital has five metro lines and another six tram routes, in a metro area of 1.6 million people). Nesttun Terminal was the terminus until the extension to Lagunen was finished. The first stage was built by the municipality, with financing from the state and the toll road ring, based on the Bergen Program. [17], Initial works commenced in August 2007, when Pastasentralen was demolished to make room for a temporary bus terminal that would allow Kaigaten to be closed for construction. The line passes over Nygård Bridge before coming to Danmarks plass, the only island platform on the system. Only the Progress Party and the Pensioners' Party voted against light rail. The best way to get from Bergen Light Rail to Bergen costs only kr 1 and takes just 1 min. In the 1960s, the removal on restriction on car sales created more traffic than the roads could handle and consequently both buses and cars began increasingly being stuck in rush-hour queues. After the line was opened to Lagunen, there was insufficient space at Kronstad to house additional trams. READ:My first time down south of Liberty State Park in this system. Bergen Light Rail – Bergen Airport to Bergen City. Eight motors provide a total of 360 kW (480 hp) for three bogies. Tampa | This caused the summer schedule to be reduced to a 30-minute headway. Southwards is the 1.2-kilometer (0.75 mi) Fantoft Tunnel, followed by Paradis stop. Bergen Light Rail system (Bybanen in Norwegian) responds to the need for an efficient, environmentally friendly transportation system able to cope with the limited space in the central streets of the City of Bergen. [15][45][46][47], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}60°23′33″N 5°19′24″E / 60.39250°N 5.32333°E / 60.39250; 5.32333, This article is about a Norwegian light rail system. To compensate, none of the parallel bus routes ceased until then. Memphis | In 1918, the line was proposed for doubling and electrification: the latter was completed in 1954. Many of the stations are in primarily residential areas, and the projects have met resistance from residents who fear that the character of their neighborhoods will be altered. It then heads west, intersecting with the first line at Kronstad, runs through a tunnel before serving the areas of Fyllingsdalen. Los Angeles | The project, being undertaken in three phases, includes approximately 20km of tracks. The decision to start construction was made in 2005. [8] Later, Bergen Sporvei's successor, Gaia Trafikk, proposed building a bus rapid transit. [36] This company is responsible for maintenance of the right-of-way and the vehicles, and for extensions. San Francisco: Muni Metro, Streetcar F-Line, Cable Cars | Owned by New Jersey Transit (NJT) and operated by the 21st Century Rail Corporation, it connects the communities of Bayonne, Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken, Union City (at the city line with West New York), and North Bergen. April 2000 wurde die erste Strecke für den Publikumsbetrieb eröffnet. Before the opening, three more trams were in place. The depot was finished in 2009, and has room for 16 40-meter (130 ft) trams plus a workshop with space for two trams and a garage with place for three. El Paso | The initial decision was taken by Bergen City Council on 13 March 2000, in the Parliament of Norway in 2002,[10] and with the financing secured, by the city council in 2005. Im Juli 2014 hat NJ Transit beschlossen 35 dreiteilige Zuggarnituren in fünfteilige Garnituren umzubauen. Wenn Sie mit dem Flugzeug nach Bergen kommen, können Sie die Bergen Card mit der Bergen Light Rail ins Stadtzentrum von Bergen nutzen. [12] In several places the road needed to be dug up to remove pipes and cables. The line has traffic signal preemption, so the trams send a signal to the traffic light control when the driver starts the door-closing signal to give the tram priority at traffic lights. Four names were changed: Nonneseteren from Jernbanen, Florida from Strømmen, Brann stadion from Nymark and Hop from Troldhaugen. Light rail is estimated to increase the use of public transport from Fana, reducing both local and global pollution. The Hudson–Bergen Light Rail (HBLR) is a light rail system in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States. Atlanta | Tucson | The trams have wireless Internet access. Cincinnati | The light rail stop is right outside the terminal. Kansas City | Client: Bergensprogrammet (Hordaland fylkeskommune, Bergen kommune, Statens vegvesen) Architects: Arkitektgruppen Cubus Designers: Fuggibaggi, Kontrapunkt Master Planner: Norconsult Background: When planning the new light rail in Bergen began in 2006, inclusive design was set as a guiding philosophy throughout the process, right from the start. Denver | San José | The initial plans involved a line from the city center via Nesttun to the airport at Flesland. Its mission is to provide safe, reliable, convenient and cost-effective mass transit service. The light rail is now connected from Lagunen via Kokstad to Bergen Airport, Flesland. [42], The system is standard gauge with 2.65-meter (8 ft 8 in)-wide cars, with the platforms built to allow 44-meter (144 ft) long trams. NJ TRANSIT operates New Jersey's public transportation system. Each tram is sufficiently powerful to haul another unit in case of emergencies. Tickets are valid with free transfer to buses in Bergen. In November 2009, Gulating Court of Appeal ruled that the power company BKK had to pay 80 million NOK for the moving of power lines, and could not charge the costs to the project. Fahrgäste mit der BergenCard können mit Skyss auch mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln reisen in Bergen und in der Region Hordaland. The municipality and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration started looking at rectifying the situation by building a ring road around the city, and by alternative means of public transport. Februar 2019 um 07:06 Uhr bearbeitet. With a length of 9.8km and 15 intermediate stops, the first phase has been completed at an estimated investment of €175m. The first tram arrived on 7 December 2009, and was used for testing in the months leading up to the opening. [18] Contracts for building the line were awarded to Svein Boasson, NCC Construction, Fyllingen Maskinstasjon and Veidekke Entreprenør. [12], The line is operated on a four/five-minute headway by all-stops trams, with an eight-minute headway in off-peak times and a 20 minutes headway at night. The line has no terminal balloon loops, so trams must be bi-directional. Der zweitverkehrsreichste Flughafen Norwegens liegt südlich von Bergen und ist mit dem Auto über die Riksvei 580 erreichbar. Southwards, the line runs in a grass right-of-way through Nygård and Florida, serving the campus of the University of Bergen. From here, the line follows Inndalsveien, where Brann Stadion stop serves the Brann Stadion football venue. (Gesamtfahrzeit ungefähr 50 Minuten) Bestellen Sie die Bergen Card online. Despite this congestion continued, and it was no better in the 2000s than in the 1970s. It is not planned an extension to Loddefjord and Storavatnet from Fyllingsdalen at this time because the time of travel will be much higher than the direct bus line using the highway to the city center. The southern section would have branches from Hop to Nesttun and Midttun, and from Minde westwards to Fyllingsdalen and Loddefjord. [25] On 7 June, two trams collided at low speed at Byparken, causing a derailment[26] and forced the two trams to be repaired. However, unlike the tram systems in Berlin or Vienna, which are complex systems more like bus routes, the Bergen system is an easy system which i… [41], Currently there are 28 Variobahn trams in operation, with six additional trams on order, scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2021. Am 15. Sacramento | The physical infrastructure and trams are owned by Bybanen AS, a limited company wholly owned by Hordaland County. Nach Baubeginn am 7. The stations and the visual profile of the system as a whole are designed by the Bergen-based design groups Cubus and Fuggi Baggi Design, and Copenhagen-based Kontrapunkt. Hudson-Bergen Light Rail schedule on New Jersey's public transit rail system The entire tram is step-free, including between the cars and the platforms. The development process began in 2000 and construction started in 2008. In 2010, the city reintroduced tram service with the opening of a new light rail line, after a gap of 45 years. Newark | In 2010, the city reintroduced tram service with the opening of a new light rail line, after a gap of 45 years. Find all the transport options for your trip from Bergen Light Rail to Bergen Airport (BGO) right here. The city of Bergen, Norway, is building a light rail system between the centre of the city and Bergen Airport at Flesland. [22] Fjord1 Partner received 324 applications for their 26 jobs as drivers and 10 jobs as traffic controllers. Plans for the expansion northwards from the city center to Åsane involve either building the system to replace many of the local buses operating in Sandviken, or make the light rail line an express service. Die Preise für 2020, wenn Sie Ihr Ticket im Voraus kaufen: Erwachsene NOK 39 Kinder / Senioren NOK 20. The platforms have step-free access to the trams, allowing unhindered accessibility by wheelchairs and perambulators. Development projects for Slettebakken, Wergeland, Paradis and Lagunen have been announced by private developers. The city council therefore decided to close it, arguing that the future lay in private cars, diesel buses and trolleybuses. Die Stadtbahn Bergen (norwegisch Bybanen i Bergen) ist ein schienengebundenes Nahverkehrsmittel in der norwegischen Stadt Bergen. Saint Louis | The terminus will probably be Åsane Senter or Nyborg; the former shopping center has set aside areas for a station. Answer 1 of 7: I notice they have nice light rail in Bergen. The general rule is to use the place name where the station is located, and naming after institutions or facilities nearby is not permitted unless they are in the immediate vicinity. Houston | Public transits similar to or like Bergen Light Rail. ), Projektbeschreibung (railway-technology) (engl. [33], There is a slightly elevated driver's cab at each end. Salt Lake City | Multiconsult was given the task of designing the second phase. [31] The first test run to Lagunen was conducted on 6 December 2012, and the line was opened to the public on 22 June 2013.[32]. Baltimore | The first public transport in Bergen was the Bergen Tramway, which operated between 1897 and 1965. There were up to 27 trains per day, of which five continued to Garnes. Boston: Green Line, Mattapan Line | Oklahoma City | Bergen, a growing city in Norway and gateway to the fjords, is extending its Bybanen light rail system to provide an optimal public transport solution that will facilitate urban development. Bergen Light Rail offers transport between the center of Bergen via Nesttun and Lagunen shopping center, further to Bergen Airport, and return. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. [33] The current is supplied from six rectifiers, specified so the system can operate with two rectifiers out of service. Mit der Bergen Card in der Tasche fahren Sie kostenlos mit der Bybanen und Bussen in Bergen und der Region. It was limited to the inner parts of the city and did not reach the suburbs. Juni 2013 eröffnet… Ownership, maintenance and further extensions and vehicles are the responsibility of Hordaland County Municipality through its wholly owned subsidiary Bybanen AS. Both Sørås and Indre Steinsvik have experienced rapid housing construction without a corresponding increase of public transport. [37] Stadler has the responsibility for maintenance of the trams for the first seven years, as part of the purchase contract. Stop buttons are only available at the doors; this has been chosen to speed alighting times. [7], During the 1970s, plans had existed for an extensive rapid transit system, with an underground section in the city center. [12], After the completion to Nesttun, the line was extended southwards to Rådal at Lagunen Storsenter. Bergen Tramway. All stations are announced visually and orally. At Åsane, a major bus terminal would allow connections to the northern parts of Bergen, suburbs further north and areas in Nordhordland. Milwaukee | It is a single 20-kilometre line between the city centre and the airport, with only 27 stations. All stations are built for extended trams. San Diego | (second largest city in Norway). Bridges were constructed to Lindås, Askøy and Sotra, and large parking garages were built in the city center. Operation is governed by public service obligation contracts issued by the county public transport authority Skyss. [19] The contract for laying the tracks was awarded to Baneservice. Die Hudson-Bergen Light Rail (HBLR) ist ein Neubau-Straßenbahnsystem, das die Gemeinden Bayonne, Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken, Union City und North Bergen verbindet, welche alle im US-Bundesstaat New Jersey liegen. Along with the establishment of the light rail service, the public transport in Bergen underwent other changes. Fast commuter trains could then be supplemented with buses. Jersey City | ), https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hudson-Bergen_Light_Rail&oldid=185303852, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, West Side Avenue (Jersey City) — Tonnelle Avenue (North Bergen), Hoboken Terminal — Tonnelle Avenue (North Bergen). [27] From 1 November, the line started running every six minutes during the rush hour. Bergen is the second most populous city in Norway (280,000 inhabitants) and is situated along the west coast of the country. Bergen light rail – Effects on travel behaviour. From 2010 to 2017 the line and its 20[6] Variobahn trams were operated by Keolis Norge (formerly Fjord1 Partner). Dadurch bieten die Fahrzeuge ca. Dies … 50 Prozent mehr Kapazität. Skyss was established in 2007 to administer the public transport system, manage routes and market public transport, which would be operated by private companies based on public service obligations. Washington, D.C. Projektbeschreibung (Washington Group Int.) Forty per cent is financed by the state, the remainder by the county, the municipality and through the toll ring. .mw-parser-output .RMbox{box-shadow:0 2px 2px 0 rgba(0,0,0,.14),0 1px 5px 0 rgba(0,0,0,.12),0 3px 1px -2px rgba(0,0,0,.2)}.mw-parser-output .RMinline{float:none;width:100%;margin:0;border:none}.mw-parser-output table.routemap{padding:0;border:0;border-collapse:collapse;background:transparent;white-space:nowrap;line-height:1.2;margin:auto}.mw-parser-output table.routemap .RMcollapse{margin:0;border-collapse:collapse;vertical-align:middle}.mw-parser-output table.routemap .RMreplace{margin:0;border-collapse:collapse;vertical-align:middle;position:absolute;bottom:0}.mw-parser-output table.routemap .RMsi{display:inline;font-size:90%}.mw-parser-output table.routemap .RMl1{padding:0 3px;text-align:left}.mw-parser-output table.routemap .RMr1{padding:0 3px;text-align:right}.mw-parser-output table.routemap .RMl{text-align:right}.mw-parser-output table.routemap .RMr{text-align:left}.mw-parser-output table.routemap .RMl4{padding:0 3px 0 0;text-align:left}.mw-parser-output table.routemap .RMr4{padding:0 0 0 3px;text-align:right}.mw-parser-output table.routemap>tbody>tr{line-height:1}.mw-parser-output table.routemap>tbody>tr>td,.mw-parser-output table.RMcollapse>tbody>tr>td,.mw-parser-output table.RMreplace>tbody>tr>td{padding:0;width:auto;vertical-align:middle;text-align:center}.mw-parser-output .RMir>div{display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle;padding:0;height:20px;min-height:20px}.mw-parser-output .RMir img{height:initial!important;max-width:initial!important}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMov{position:relative}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMov .RMic,.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMov .RMtx{position:absolute;left:0;top:0;padding:0}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMtx{line-height:20px;height:20px;min-height:20px;vertical-align:middle;text-align:center}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMsp{height:20px;min-height:20px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMtx>abbr,.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMtx>div{line-height:.975;display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMts{font-size:90%;transform:scaleX(.89)}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMf_{height:5px;min-height:5px;width:20px;min-width:20px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMfm{height:100%;min-height:100%;width:4px;min-width:4px;margin:0 auto}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMo{width:2.5px;min-width:2.5px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMc{width:5px;min-width:5px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMoc{width:7.5px;min-width:7.5px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMd{width:10px;min-width:10px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMod{width:12.5px;min-width:12.5px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMcd{width:15px;min-width:15px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMocd{width:17.5px;min-width:17.5px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_{width:20px;min-width:20px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_o{width:22.5px;min-width:22.5px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_c{width:25px;min-width:25px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_oc{width:27.5px;min-width:27.5px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_d{width:30px;min-width:30px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_od{width:32.5px;min-width:32.5px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_cd{width:35px;min-width:35px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_ocd{width:37.5px;min-width:37.5px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMb{width:40px;min-width:40px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMcb{width:45px;min-width:45px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMdb{width:50px;min-width:50px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMcdb{width:55px;min-width:55px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_b{width:60px;min-width:60px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_cb{width:65px;min-width:65px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_db{width:70px;min-width:70px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_cdb{width:75px;min-width:75px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMs{width:80px;min-width:80px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMds{width:90px;min-width:90px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_s{width:100px;min-width:100px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_ds{width:110px;min-width:110px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMbs{width:120px;min-width:120px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMdbs{width:130px;min-width:130px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_bs{width:140px;min-width:140px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_dbs{width:150px;min-width:150px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMw{width:160px;min-width:160px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_w{width:180px;min-width:180px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMbw{width:200px;min-width:200px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_bw{width:220px;min-width:220px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMsw{width:240px;min-width:240px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_sw{width:260px;min-width:260px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RMbsw{width:280px;min-width:280px}.mw-parser-output .RMir .RM_bsw{width:300px;min-width:300px}, Bergen Light Rail (Norwegian: Bybanen) is a light rail system in Bergen, Norway. The minimum curve radius is 25 metres (82 ft) and tracks in city streets are laid within a rubber jacket to reduce noise. Bergen is the second most populous city in Norway (280,000 inhabitants) and is situated along the west coast of the country. The line runs south along Kaigaten, with Nonneseter stop serving the railway station and Bystasjonen serving the bus station. In the city center the overhead wire has been designed to minimize the number of poles, while in the suburban areas a conventional system has a carrier wire above the power wire. In 1917, the section was the most heavily trafficked railway in the country, with a … The light rail line is also referred to as Bybanen in Norwegian language. Tacoma | Nach kompletter Fertigstellung soll die Gesamtlänge des Streckennetzes 33,2 Kilometer (20,6 Meilen) betragen. However, a lack of funds made it necessary to build the line to Nesttun only, instead of all the way to the airport. For schedules and more information, see skyss.no or visit our office in Bergen Bus Station. Die HBLR gehört New Jersey Transit und wird betrieben von der 21st Century Rail Corporation. A project group with members of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the National Rail Administration have proposed that instead of rebuilding the Ulriken Tunnel to double track, a new double-track light rail tunnel could be built from the city center to Arna. The next stops are Sletten, Slettebakken and Fantoft, the later serving a large complex of student dormitories. For people living south of Nesttun, this will give a longer travel time to the city center than with direct buses that do not make intermediate stops. Wergeland is at the mouth of the 1.1-kilometer (0.68 mi) Fageråstunnelen, S-shaped with a 6.0% gradient and a curve radius of 150 meters (490 ft). Bergen is the second most populous city in Norway (280,000 inhabitants) and is situated along the west coast of the country. [12], Fifteen stations were built for the first stage, and five for the second stage. The northernmost part of the line, Byparken Terminal, is a transit mall at the heart of the city center and has interchange with all buses serving the city center. Another issue has been speed: the line to Nesttun has 15 stops in 10 kilometers (6 mi), giving an average speed of 28 km/h (17 mph). Um dem steigenden Verkehrsaufkommen in der Manhattan gegenüberliegenden, dichtbesiedelten Gegend am Ufer des Hudson River Herr zu werden, wurde schon in den 1980er und frühen 1990er Jahren an Alternativen zum Personentransport per PKW geplant. Commuter rail service between Bergen and Arna, Voss and Myrdal, Norway. Bergen Commuter Rail. During this time, Track B2 will be out of service, and all Bayonne trains will … [29], The first part of the line is 9.8-kilometre (6.1 mi) and runs from the city center to Nesttun. The stations of the first two stages are at street level, with facilities for buying tickets and dynamic displays that show when the next tram will arrive. [7], During the 1980s and 1990s, a toll ring was constructed around Bergen to finance a massive investment in motorways. [12][13][14][15][16], The naming of the stations caused local debate. Wikipedia. Share. Protests from people in northern and western areas of the city have risen, since they are paying for the system but will not receive the benefits. For the city's historic tram system, see, Trams 224 and 204 at the Byparken terminus, Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature, "Stor økning i antall reisende med Bybanen", https://www.skyss.no/nn-NO/Verdt-a-vite/Nytt-fra-Skyss/lengre-bybanevogner/, "Public transport network - Bergen and surrounding areas", "Bergen får Norges mest velfungerende og nyskapende transportsystem", "Keolis to operate Bergen light rail line", "Stadler to deliver additional six Variobahn trams to Bybanen Bergen", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Bergen_Light_Rail&oldid=998742967, Articles with dead external links from October 2010, Articles containing Norwegian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 January 2021, at 20:56.

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